Danh sách giáo viên

Ha An Nguyen
Hi, 👋 My name is Ha An. I was born in Australia and currently living in Vietnam. I'm young, dynamic and my pronunciation sounds like a native speaker so I believe I could help you improve your English. Feel free to contact me!
Thuy Tien
Hello everyone. My name is Thuy Tien and I am currently an international student studying in the United States, specifically Health Information Management.
I started learning English when I was 4 and never stopped from there. English has always been my favorite subject ever since I was a kid.
Nam Phuong Nguyen
I am learning at the university of Warsaw, Poland. My hobbies are singing, cooking, travelling, and exploring about science.
Up to now, I have learned three languages already, which are: English, German, and Polish, therefore, I understand language learners’ challenges, and I think I could help them more or less.
Huyen My Vu
My name is Huyen My Vu. My friends also call me Mina as my English name.
I am 24 years old. Right now. I went to study abroad when I was 18 years old. I have gained 2 bachelor degrees in International Hotel and Tourism Management.
Duc Anh
Hi, I am Duc Anh. I am currently a student of Davidson College, one of the top liberal arts colleges in the us. However, due to the alarming covid-19 situation in the US, I am taking a gap semester.
I am interested in psychology, philosophy, and computer science. I hope that I can help you improve your English speaking skills with the knowledge that I have accumulated from my one-year experience living in the US along with my personal journey of self-studying English.
Ngoc Diem Le
I am a sophomore at University of Economics HCMC and currently majoring in International Business. Considering my personality, it can be said I am an active, creative person based on the activities I opt to do in my leisure time, which are drawing and dancing.
Regarding my proficiency in English, I have been studying English for over 10 years; therefore, although not having gone abroad, I am relatively fluent in this language.