Danh sách giáo viên

Dũng Lê
My name is Dung (Daniel). I’m currently a senior in HCM city and I have been a teacher of English at Talks Cafe English for 8 months. I have been teaching English for a year and a half, and last year I got 6.0 in IELTS for the first time to apply for getting visa with the purpose of studying abroad.
Thái Hồng Nguyễn
I’m Pinkie and I’m here to help you with not only your English but also your passion for the language.
Lê Nguyễn Hà Anh
Hi, I'm Hà Anh, I am a Vietnamese tutor in Beeclear. Now I am studying abroad in Hospitality in Malaysia.
Quốc Hậu Lê
I am here to help you speak English Confidently. Imagine you open your mouth… And the words flow out easily and naturally!
Hà An Nguyễn
Hi 👋 My name is Ha An. I was born in Autralia and currently living in Vietnam. I'm young, dynamic and my pronunciation sounds like a native speaker so I believe I could help you improve your English. Feel free to contact me!
Nhung Le
An energetic and enthusiastic person in motivating people to companion with whose English journey.